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Creating a new choreography takes imagination, time, patience, collaboration, and most of all…practice!  It’s an opportunity to show off those great new isolation moves and travel steps learned in class;  by layering them with accessories like veils, candles, canes, zills and music, they come alive, and flow beautifully.   I’ve developed a few original dances, with generous assistance from friends, and input from students, to help aspiring divas get the experience of performing for family, friends, and even at public events like fundraisers.   Structured group dance creates a bond of shared experience, artistic ownership, self-confidence, and a sense of achievement; which is greatly appreciated by audiences of all sizes.   

Using a camera to record dance practice for a choreography is a great way to take your ideas from written notes onto the dance floor – working with your chosen music, and refining movements until they make sense and flow together.  The video will often provide a lot of “bloopers” and giggles, as you start and stop, forget the steps, and make funny faces on camera.   I have lots of “oops” moments, and enjoy laughing at myself while working…see for yourself!




(photo Fall 2011 class party)

Posted February 25, 2011 by fatcatbellydance

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