April 4th   1 comment

 A big thanks goes out to my former and current ‘Breast Cancer Action’  and Canterbury dance students  for performing Saturday night at the Treasured Chests Walking team fundraiser in support of “walk for the cure”.   A great evening of different dance styles, food, fun, and lots of positive energy that had the crowd up on their feet for the finale, where they got to try Bollywood and bellydance moves with the performers.    Big thanks also to Chantal and her team, Halyma, and all the wonderful dancers who helped make it such a special evening for a good cause.

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  1. Hi Laura Great to hear you and Mike are so happy. He is so proud of you ! Kudo’s to you for all you do in this venture to help others Glad to hear you have something that you enjoy so much and get great feelings of “reward ” from Keep up the great work !!
    Take care

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