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Hey everyone!  Don’t forget to buy your tickets to the Bellydance Fundraiser For Breast Cancer Walk on  Saturday, May 14th.  Some of my students will be performing, and I’ve been asked to dance a solo…so nervous!…along with professional performance artists, in a great show hosted by Zenna.  Come and be entertained by a fabulous mix of dance styles, including Bollywood, Tribal, Bellywood, and classic Bellydance; sample Zenna’s Greek feast, and perhaps win a prize.  A lot of people have been asking for directions to the event, so I’ve looked it up on Google Maps:  Take Island Park Drive and go over the Champlain Bridge to Gatineau.  Turn left onto Chemin d’Aylmer.  Turn right onto Chemin Allen.  Turn left onto Chemin Mcconnell.  Turn right onto Chemin Vanier.  Turn left onto Chemin Antoine Boucher, and your destination will be on the right, at 1214 Chemin Antoine Boucher, at a private club.  Contact me for further info and tickets..they’re going fast!

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