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Jeepers!  Still recovering from a neck injury that occured while performing an overly enthusiastic head sweep at my class party.   These things happen, but I’m finding as I get older, recovery time gets longer and longer!  Getting to spend a lot of time at the Chiropractor’s office…she’s an angel.

Despite my current limited mobility, classes at Canterbury are going well.  I’m so fortunate to have generous dance-friends to help co-instruct the students.  Big thanks to Zeevah and Wendy for stepping in to demonstrate isolation movements during my recovery.

Also a big hug and thanks to my habibti Dina (photo below), who came out to assist me yesterday and teach a very large new summer class at Hunt Club/Riverside Community Centre, for the Arab Seniors group.  It’s a four-week session, and a fun new challenge.  These ladies know their Middle Eastern dance, and it was wonderful to rely on Dina’s flawless technique to demonstrate the moves.    

So despite my big bad neck;  thus far, a wonderful summer!




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