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  Taking a moment to count my blessings at having such a rewarding job…It’s been a very busy couple of weeks since classes started, and I’m so pleased to be back teaching.   Despite a few minor dramas and glitches – it’s all good!  

The Bayshore class for newcomers to Canada is a talented, high-spirited group, and I must confess, testing the limits of my knowledge and abilities.  They’ll have a treat tomorrow…a special guest instructor, as I introduce them to the incomparable Vera, who is profiled on my Diva page.   She has graciously offered to help out, and will certainly challenge the ladies with her subtle, creative style; while mentoring me to adapt to the unique requirements for instructing Middle-Eastern students.    I always appreciate the chance to learn new stuff that will (hopefully) make me a better teacher!

Class size at Canterbury has increased since registration, and these ladies are eager to learn; showing remarkable progress.  I’m happy to work with such an enthusiastic group, and forsee a brand new custom choreography in their future! 

The new Maplesoft Centre is a lovely facility for the BCA group, Amala, and I’m grateful to be permitted to hold classes there, with these courageous, fun-loving gals.  They make Fridays fantastic!  


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