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Greetings All:   Just received my copy of the new Fall/Winter course catalogue from the Canterbury Community Association.  Check out their website at:   and on page 14, you’ll find course descriptions and dates for my fall classes…jeepers, summer’s nearly over!!  I’ve also included this information on my “Classes” page, so you can read all about it.   Got questions?  Feel free to contact me here by clicking above my photo on the top left corner of this page, and I’ll be happy to help.   You may also wish to browse other teacher listings on Halyma’s fabulous website at:   She’ll be updating her list as local teachers receive their class assignments in the coming weeks.  There’ll be classes all over the Ottawa area to consider, so you can find one that suits your busy lifestyle, level, and budget…so start thinking about having some fun with fitness for fall, okay?  Bye for now! 





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