September 22nd, 2012   2 comments

  Enjoyed the first week of classes at Canterbury and Hunt Club/Riverside Community Centres.   Despite low enrollment, It was really nice to welcome back returning students, and new faces.   Combining level ones and twos into one class will present an interesting challenge – to ensure both  groups get the instruction they need, while making them feel comfortable working with each other, and with me.    This is going to be a fun session, and I’m hoping to eventually persuade this fine group of aspiring divas to consider performing with me at a later date.  For now though, lots of bumps and wrist rolls and shimmies to learn!! 


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2 responses to “September 22nd, 2012

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  1. You’ll be fine – I have had to combine levels too this season, and just take the time to see what each students’ strengths are and then push them… poke them… prod them and challenge them 🙂 Bwahahaha 😀

  2. Good advice (as always)…thanks!!

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