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Oh my goodness, it’s the last week of classes for the Spring session, and I’m sooo happy to have made it through to the end.   A recent medical emergency landed me in hospital, with a lengthy recovery period.  Classes would’ve been cancelled, if not for the loving support of my good friends and fellow-dancers Wendy, Vera, and Zeevah,   Bless you, ladies!!  

Thanks to Zeevah, the students were taught one of her original  two-part choreographies; incorporating lovely veil work, followed by a sassy little drum solo.   This left me free to help out in class with warm-ups, cool downs, and offer lots of bossy advice, while Zeevah did all the tough stuff.   Co-teaching is a delicate balance, since we all have the tendancy to like things our own way (they don’t call us divas for nothing!).  I was super lucky to have someone so patient, fun, and creative to work with in my “hour of need”.  

Anyway, the students worked hard, and I’m proud to announce that several of them will be performing with Zeevah at the upcoming Halyma’s Ottawa Centre Class Party, on June 17th, at the University of Ottawa.   I’m also excited to have one of my BCA/Amala students, Zahara,  performing a first-time solo at the show.  She’ll be dancing one of Vera’s beautiful choreographies.  Recently, Zahara was able to meet and practice with Vera, whose kind and generous spirit magically conveys to students the artistry and emotion inherent in Middle Eastern dance.

We’re celebrating the end of classes with a hafla party, on Friday evening, June 14th, at Canterbury Community Centre.  Guest teachers and students will attend; we all get to show off our costumes and choreographies, socialize, snack, and be entertained by professional performances by Zeevah, Farasha, and Halyma…happy dance!!!   wiggle


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