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Greetings, all.  Well, it’s mid-January already, and I hope everyone got signed up for their favourite dance class.  Physical activity is a great way to combat winter blues, or seasonal affective disorder, and help us feel a little bit better about making those damned New Year’s resolutions.  Sigh…we all seem to fall into the trap of setting unrealistic expectations and goals for ourselves; then feel guilty and bad if we fail to reach some crazy, idealized version of ourselves…aaarrgh!!..why do we do it?  Maybe it’s time to re-consider our self-image and expectation of fitness level and appearance – to instead think of ourselves as a fine work of art in progress..rejoicing in good days and accepting that there’ll be bad days; and not be quite so quick to judge ourselves (and others) so harshly.  The great thing about dance class is how it can make you feel – a few shimmies in a pretty hip scarf does wonders for pumping those endorphins, and boosting self-esteem!

Easy for me to say, right?  Well, no…I’m trying to take my own advice, hahaha!…struggling through a morning aerobics class – first time in over a year, and OMG, it’s tough!  Twice a week is just manageable for now, as I’m also signed up for Halyma’s Wednesday class, and teaching lovely BCA students on Fridays.  Recovering from illness or injury can be a lengthy, frustrating process; and though it broke my heart to give up teaching  at Canterbury, it was the right thing to do.  For now, it’s a time to learn patience, aspire to small but achievable fitness goals, and try to keep a sense of humour about current limitations and abilities…after all, a fine work of art isn’t created or repaired overnight!  

So, during these cold winter months, try to recognize and reward the inherent strength and beauty that lies within, and do something nice for yourself – maybe coffee and gossip date with your BFF, new lingerié, weekend skating and beaver tails on the canal..simple pleasures, ’cause you deserve it!  

Photo courtesy of Unposed Photography

Photo courtesy of Unposed Photography



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