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Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone.  Our “Drop In And Dance” event yesterday was a rousing success!  After covering costs for venue/refreshments, I’m pleased to report that our little party raised enough funds to enable us to make a donation in the amount of $141 to the Royal Ottawa Hospital Volunteer Association, as part of Clara Hughes’ Big Ride – to raise awareness, remove the stigma, and benefit mental health initiatives.

So many people to thank – Halyma, for helping me navigate the finer points of organizing a charity event.  I now fully appreciate how much work this amazing woman does, as a professional performer and businessperson; and by offering the rest of us performance opportunities throughout the year.  Our fine roster of performers – Merete, Zhannah, Farasha, Cassandra, the Moonlight Dancers, Cathy from Duniya Studio, Bollywood For Fun, including Eurika, Farasha, and Halyma;  Eliana, Samantha, Ameenah for her rockin’ drum, and Artesia.  You ladies gave us a wonderful show!  The marvellously efficient volunteers, including Wendy, for her generous fruit trays, Michele Roy and her awesome stage-set, Linda for greeting and managing the door, Melissa with her evil but yummy treats, Natalie, Andrea; Eric as our DJ, Yvonne with the man-snacks…my goodness, hope I haven’t missed anyone, because I certainly couldn’t have done any of it without you!

I’m very proud to be part of a dance community that so generously gives their time and talent – to share our love of the arts, and benefit those in need…truly inspirational.   (more photos on Gallery Page)

HalymaSiddiqahFundraiserHalyma and Siddiqah in party attire…best wishes and shimmies to all!!



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