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Siddiqah, using Shibori silk veil as checkered flag

Siddiqah, using Shibori silk veil as checkered flag…custom costume by TAV-Creations

  Last weekend, colourful ladies from Halyma’s Belly Dancing For Fun, and Bollywood For Fun,  got together to offer our support for awesome female athletes, at the annual “Emilie’s Run” event, held at the Canadian Aviation Museum.  We cheered and zinged our zills, as fleet-footed runners neared the finish line in a 5km race; then later, for the kids’ run.  We also performed a couple of choreographies indoors, at the awards ceremony; then some of us had to scamper away for costume changes, as there were other events taking place on a busy Saturday, when a dancer’s work is never done…whew!

Halyma, Eurika, Wendy, and Laksha

Halyma, Eurika, Wendy, and Laksha

Eurika and I were scheduled to teach half-hour sessions (Bollywood and Basic Belly Dance) at the Breast Cancer Action “Shake Your Booty” event, held at Greenboro Community Centre.  Despite small numbers in attendance, we were happy to lend our energy, and wish BCA every success at their next fundraiser.  The programs and services they offer are invaluable to women going through diagnosis, treatment, after-care and beyond.  They deserve community support in their efforts to ensure no one goes through it alone.  The local dance community takes pride in volunteering their time and talent for fundraising events…we love to share our love of dance, and bring smiles wherever we can…so share a smile and a shimmy with someone today…it’s free, and feels fabulous!!  Best summer wishes to all… 

Eurika & Siddiqah share a hug at "Shake Your Booty" for BCA

Eurika & Siddiqah share a hug at “Shake Your Booty” for BCA



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