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Well, we’re having a freakishly warm and windy couple of days, and I love it…so not ready for winter weather!  The Fall session class is complete, and I’d like to thank my students for sharing their time and effort, despite adverse circumstances.  Battling breast cancer (or any type) is a tough road to travel.  It amazes and inspires me to have these courageous women show up for class, even during treatment, to share smiles and shimmies – offering support to each other, while stealing an hour of “me time” to express themselves creatively with music and movement.   These beautiful women of the Amala Troupe are the toughest crew I know, and it’s an honour for me to dance with them.  I’d also like to thank Breast Cancer Action Ottawa, for their continued support in giving instructors like me the opportunity to volunteer, and share my love of dance.

So now it’s time to celebrate with a big party.  Please check out my Events page, to see the poster for Halyma’s Class Party, coming up on December 15th.  I have a few tickets to spare, so if you’d like to attend, just contact me at   Even though I won’t be performing with my students this time, I’ll still have a hand in costuming some of Farasha’s student performers with lots of sparkly stuff, so they can shine on stage….fun!!  Come on out and enjoy a great show…who knows, it may inspire you to sign up for a class this winter…shimmies are great for kickin’ butt on those cold winter nights!

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