April 2nd, 2015   Leave a comment

Hoping Spring is finally here.  The Winter session was so much fun, and my students are awesome!  Can’t wait to get back into the Greenboro studio in two weeks.  Taking heed from one of my favourite mentors, the incomparable Zeevah; I began using more “corner to corner” drills this session.  It’s an effective teaching tool to get the ladies (and me) accustomed to travel steps, while multi-tasking those isolation movements…it’s easy to get stuck dancing in one spot, and this method frees up the body for more improvisation, and feeling the music as you travel across the floor…nice!

Had a fabulous time at the recent Breast Cancer Action “Shake Your Booty” event, on Feb. 28th.  To my surprised delight, there were 25+ participants in my class (whew!), and I actually ran out of hip scarves.  We only had half an hour, but made it count, with lots of smiles, silliness, and shimmies.  I’m looking forward to dancing outdoors, and practicing hard for the upcoming Shimmy Mob in May.  Stay tuned for upcoming events, and if you need advice to take a class, just holler…I’m here to help!  ShakeBooty2015twelve

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