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Hello Everyone.  It’s been too long since my last post…sheesh!  Wishing you a belated happy Thanksgiving, and hope you enjoyed a bit of scary fun last night during Hallowe’en.  At this halfway point of the Fall session, classes are progressing really well, and we’re beginning to work on a brand new original choreography.  I’m hoping some of the students will consider performing at Halyma’s Ottawa Centre Class Party in December…fingers crossed! 

I realize from my own experience, it’s a big commitment of time and effort, and kinda scary…practicing and remembering a whole routine, especially when you’re new to dance; so I’m trying very hard to choose great music, and write the choreography in a way that’s easy and fun to learn, and by providing short instructional “selfie-type” video clips for the ladies to review and work on at home.  These students are very brave to consider performing at such a large event; so I believe it’s important, as an instructor, to remember how they’re feeling; and try to prepare the group, so they can have a good first experience on stage, and enjoy meeting other people in the dance community, without feeling pressured or tossed into a competitive environment.  Fortunately, we’re a pretty supportive and friendly bunch!!   Well, wish us luck, we’ve got a lot of work to do!


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