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Spring may finally be here!  After a much needed break, and some travelling this winter, I’m happy to be back in the studio at Greenboro Community Centre; teaching a beginner class for Breast Cancer Action’s Fit and Fab Program.  So nice to welcome new faces, and welcome back those who’ve been with me before.   Fridays are fabulous once more!  I’ll be updating my “events’ page in the next week or so;  so please stay tuned for some upcoming fun, and mark your calendars for shopping and outdoor dance adventures.   Spring is a great time to sign up for a dance class, to kick those winter blues in the butt, and work on our waistlines…hahaha…mine’s a bit of a mess after all that good food in Europe!  But that’s okay…I’ve learned the hard way, to love yourself at any size; feel the freedom of movement to music, and express your creative side with a great group of women.  Classes are available all over town, from basic beginner to senior level, and different dance styles.  Got questions?  Contact me at fatcatbellydance@gmail.com and I’ll do my best to find a class that works for you…Ciao for now, Bellas; get outside and enjoy some sunshine!

20161013_190906 (3)

Zahara + Siddiqah at “The Art of Hope” event, hosted by Vixens Victorious, October 13th, 2016

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