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July 6th, 2019   Leave a comment

Well, hello again!  Time to admit I have shamefully neglected my poor website for many moons.  Life has moved on, and my teaching schedule is now down to once per week.  After nearly 10 years as a volunteer instructor with Breast Cancer Action Ottawa, my association with the organization has come to an end.   I wish to thank the former Executive Director, Karen Grazat, for her dedication and hard work; and my past students for their participation, energy, and trust.  We had many joyful moments throughout the years, and I cherish the memories.  So now, I’m trying something new, as a private instructor.  For summer, 2019, I’ll be volunteering my time to offer a free weekly class for cancer survivors, on Fridays, noon to 1pm, at Greenboro Community Centre.  I’m keeping it small to start; anyone interested in attending my class may contact me at for details.  I’ll try to do a better job updating class info and events… but in the meantime, for the latest information on other local classes, teachers  and events, check out   Enjoy the sunshine!!




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