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Week two was crazy-busy and awesome!  The Canterbury class is learning the trials and tribulations of beginner-belly-rolls;  the BCA students got to play with fabulous swirly silk veils, which make everyone smile and swish!

Classes with Anna & Safiya, and Bellywood with Halyma are certainly testing my limits for stamina and technique;  although wishing I was in better physical shape,  the joy that comes with learning new movements and combinations far outweighs any middle-aged aches and pains I may experience during and after class;  despite my bitching, it’s all good, and I love it!!

I’m always happy to discover other dancers and mixed-media artists, whether it be on Facebook, or through shopping sites like Etsy…yes, I like to shop!   If you’re on either Facebook or Etsy, check out Alternate Visions, for funky tribal accessories and beautiful belly dance inspired artwork.   Or, check out Yl’Luria‘s blog at:   I treated myself to one of her 8X10 prints, (see below) because I love the message of positive body-image she conveys.  We’ll talk more about body-image another day, okay?  Time to go practice!!  il_570xN_501566359_bb34

Original artwork by Yl’Luria – Alternate Visions


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