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Week three – Tuesday night at Canterbury saw my gorgeous girlies filling the big dance studio with glorious swirls of Shibori-Borealis silk veils.  On Wednesday, I was excited to work on a movie set – a 13-hour day as a Background Performer in Perth, and got to spend a busy shooting day outdoors in the sunshine.   Thursday wasn’t quite so much fun, as I had to see an eye specialist – those anesthetic eye-drops are nasty!! 

On Friday, my BCA beauties at the Hunt Club/Riverside class got a big bumping-booty workout; after which, I had to rush off to another gig;  teaching a one-time class to a group of 20 staff members at the Southeast Ottawa Community Health Care Services, who were on a day-long retreat.   They were a fun bunch, and my challenge was to keep it interesting for the Middle-Eastern ladies (who can dance circles around me), while also providing basic instruction in isolation movements for the first-timers.  Space was tight, so I had everyone form a large circle, and I stayed in the centre, turning slowly to demonstrate movements.  This actually worked out pretty well, and I’ve had lots of positive feedback.  

Needless to say, after all this activity, I was pooped!!  Luckily, I’ve had a quiet weekend, and feel ready to roll for the coming week, including attending classes with Halyma and Safiya.  

Please check out my Events Page, for information on the upcoming Dancer’s Bazaar and have a great week everyone!  Jeez, I’d better get planning our Thanksgiving festivities!!  belly17







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