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Happy Hallowe’en, all you hauntingly lovely dancers!!  Classes are progressing nicely, and both groups are working on a routine where they carry small candles…well, battery tealights actually. .gotta obey those fire regulations at the community centre!  This “candle dance” is a choreography I wrote a couple of years ago,  with help from my dance-buddy Vera;  happily, the students seem to enjoy learning the simple but sinuous and graceful movements, and cool effect created by the tiny glowing lights.   I’m pleased to realize this choreo has stood the test of time.

Meanwhile, I’m already plotting and planning our end-of-session class party, or Hafla, as it’s called.   My fabulous boss at Canterbury has allowed me to use the large dance studio and activity room for our event.   The date of the party will be Friday, November 22nd, from 7:00 to 8:45 p.m.,  I’ll be issuing invitations to other teachers, to bring their students and perform; as well as family and friends, to enjoy an evening of dance, pot-luck snacks, and fun…all that hard work in class deserves a celebration!  Best shimmies to all, and dance like no one is watching! 



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