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Busy prepping and practicing for Halyma’s Tuesday night show.  With my small but courageous student group, we’ll be performing our double-diva choreography for a large gathering of students, teachers, and dance fans from all over the Ottawa-Gatineau area.   Although first time public appearances can seem really scary,  it’s a great way for students to challenge themselves in a creative collaboration –  by taking pride in accomplishing a goal, bonding and working together as a team, meeting new people, and being warmly welcomed into the dance community by such a supportive and appreciative audience.  

I’ll be challenging personal stage-fright, by veil dancing with my Routhier classmates to open the show with the Azhar D’Halyma group; then time for a quick costume change before hitting the stage with my students.  Multi-tasking, oh my!  Wrangling dancers, costume loans and changes, using multiple props, helping the organizer, and calming student nerves  can become a bit overwhelming.  You need a well-packed suitcase and a sense of humour.  

So, off to dress-rehearsal tomorrow night, then showtime!!  Can’t wait to see my dance buddies, and all those beautiful costumes, choreographies, and camaraderie….Yallah!!   happycopains




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