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Wow, we did it!  Practice pays off!  The combined forces of the Jamaleen and Amala group graced the stage at Halyma’s class party last night, and received a very positive response from our audience.   I was touched by various comments received afterward, from friends and strangers alike, who enjoyed our performance.   Thanks to Zeevah, for her saucy little drum choreo; Wendy, for stepping in to round out our group; and Zahara, for taking centre stage (where she belongs) to shimmer and shine and help guide our newest dancers.   It was a really positive experience for first-timers, and their smiles were priceless…see ladies?…it’ not so scary after all!

Thanks very much to Halyma, Darner Media, and all the skillful backstage workings of those who make these events possible and so special for us all.  The variety and quality of performance art was truly inspirational, fun, and entertaining.  It was a real pleasure to participate, and kudos to all those students brave enough to work their butts off, step out onto a big stage, and make all us “Dance Mamas” proud…our work is done (for now).

I’ll be taking a break now…whew!…and will update my Classes page shortly after the 25th.   I’ll be adding some new photos to the Gallery page as well.  For the latest info on everything dance, don’t forget to check out Halyma’s online newsletter:   Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, Yule, and a safe and happy holiday season into the New Year…cheers!


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