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Hoooray!!  Finally starting to see my front lawn again, and spotted a pair of ducks behind the house yesterday…can Spring really be upon us?  

Had a fun afternoon last Sunday, with my co-vendor, Wendy, at the Dancer’s Bazaar.  Big hugs and thanks to Erika of Eurikadance for being the hostess with the mostest.  Also thanks to the volunteer vixens, who made our set-up easy, keeping us on track for the various activities, and offering yummy snackables.  More thanks to Halyma, for allowing us to parade around in our custom made Tav-Creations costumes in the fashion show.  

Wendy and I were happy to pass along some treasured items to new and younger dancers, who will look beautiful on stage, and keep the inspiration to dance going strong.  I was very pleased to see some current and former students there, and excited for one of my Amala lovlies, who purchased her very first Shibori Borealis silk veil.   It was wonderful to mingle with members of the dance community, out-of-town vendors, various instructors, students, and newcomers to this event.  Money was raised with the sale of Gee Gee Robinson’s camel collection (toonies-for-tots), and a donation will be made to CHEO in her honour…yay!!

Stay tuned for upcoming events, and why not consider signing up for a dance class in your neighbourhood?  Celebrate Spring with some booty-shaking, mood-enhancing movement to music…it feels great!!  For teacher/instructor information, check out:  www.tav-creations.com 

Dancer's BazaarDancer's Bazaar2


Dancer's Bazaar3Erika EurikaDance

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