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Happy Friday, everyone…Feeling much better after enduring a miserable cough-a-thon and cold recently, so I splurged on a pedicure last week, and my feet are sooo happy in sandals.  I’m also happy to be taking two classes with Halyma this session, and working towards better overall health.

Friday BCA classes are progressing nicely, with three lovely new students to add to my returning roster of dance divas for the Spring session.  Having new ladies join the class, I’m reminded of just how important it is to work on the very basics of Middle-Eastern dance; learning the individual isolation movements by getting re-acquainted and re-connected with your mid-section.  You don’t have to display it…you just have to work it!!  

Many of us have issues with our bellies – we believe that if they don’t look “perfect” (like media images), then we’ve somehow failed, or that they look awful…and it’s so not true!!  It’ s the source of our power, femininity, and life force; and yet, we keep this area well camoflauged, stiff, tight, and unloved.  By learning to let go of our inhibitions, and engaging this core area of our bodies to create beautiful dance movements, we can start to see and feel that mind/body connection to our own unique femininity, sensuality, and artistic creativity.  Working your belly releases lots of happy hormones to your brain, and feels wonderful…so put down that fashion magazine with its’ photo-shopped images of 16 year-old models, and show a little love and respect to your own image…it’s fabulous!!

Yes Dancer

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