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Practice, practice….Halyma’s Ottawa Community Class Party is next Tuesday, June 9th.  Teachers and students from near and far will gather, to celebrate all our hard work during the Spring session, by performing in front of a whole bunch of people.  I’m pleased to be dancing with my classmates in a sassy little stick dance, and we get to wear baladi-style dresses…fun!  But I’m most excited to have two of my own “Amala troupe” students stepping on stage, to perform an original veil duet.   One of these lovely ladies, named Nasus, is a relatively new dancer, and this will be her first stage appearance; which is why I’m so happy she’s paired up with a more experienced dancer.  Zahara has performed beautifully in Halyma’s show on several occasions, and she seems to have nerves of steel (I’m so jealous!).  

These amazing women have taken time out of their busy, complicated lives, and worked very hard to master their moves while handling fabulous Shibori Borealis silk swirlies.  It’s a lot to learn, and not the easiest choreography I’ve ever written.  Their dedication is inspiring, and I find myself turning into a real mother-hen…fussing and fretting over them.  Jeez, they’ll probably be glad to go on stage, nervous or not, just to get away from me!!  Hoping I don’t embarrass myself (and them), by lurking behind the side-stage curtain and sobbing with pride as they dance…sigh…they truly embody the attributes of hope and aspiration, and I’m sooo proud…cluck cluck! 

So come on out and celebrate with us; it’s going to be a great show.  I’ve got a few tickets to spare, so contact me at fatcatbellydance@gmail.com and I’ll hook you up! 

Nasus (left) and Zahara (right)  Amala Troupe performers

Nasus (left) and Zahara (right) Amala Troupe performers

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