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Big thanks to Halyma, whose June 9th Ottawa Centre Class Party was a blast!  Wonderful to watch so many students and teachers, performing a variety of dance styles to all kinds of music.   Of course, I was most proud of my beautiful Amala dancers, who did a great job with their duet.  When they came offstage, we hugged, laughed, and cried; their smiles made my heart soar with pure joy…a most memorable evening, and I was happy to take part in the fun!

This weekend, I got to join the Belly Dancing For Fun/Bollywood for Fun troupe, to provide a little sparkle and shine while cheering on athletic ladies, gentlemen, and kids, at Emilie’s Run, held at the Aviation Museum.  This annual event honours the memory of Olympic hopeful Emilie Mondor. 

So, this week will be the last class of the Spring session, and time to take a bit of a break…well, except for attending Aziza’s workshop in July!  Looking forward to some gardening (darned weeds), biking, swimming, and barbeque parties with friends.  Have a great summer, everyone!

Photo courtesy of W. Thomas Leroux, Darner Media

Photo courtesy of W. Thomas Leroux, Darner Media

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