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Despite our fair city’s unseasonably chilly weather, the dance season is heating up.  The Souk and Ottawa-Gatineau Shimmy Mob were very successful, and we’ll soon be shaking things up along the sidelines at the Ottawa Race Weekend.  I’ll admit to being a bit heartbroken when scheduled classes at Rideau and Brookfield High Schools didn’t run for the Spring session, due to low enrollment; but it’s amazing how other opportunities will present themselves when you least expect them, eh?   Right now, I’m busy teaching two private groups, along with a regular Friday class for BCA Fit & Fab participants; and recently got the opportunity to instruct a gorgeous group of 25 ladies at a bridal shower…so fun!  Both student troupes are working very hard on their choreographies, and they’re going to be wonderful to watch at the upcoming Shimmy Into Summer event on June 21st. 

You know, sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day doing of things; like lesson plans, music preparation, scheduling, and other task-oriented aspects of teaching classes…making sure students are getting the best “bang for their buck” and focusing on prepping for shows…perhaps losing sight of what really matters, like…why am I still doing this, and, am I still any good at it?  Sounds a bit self-serving and New-Age silly, but lately, I’ve been questioning abilities, effectiveness as an instructor, and purpose; even contemplating an exit strategy.  But, during the past week, I’ve had two unexpected conversations with students, that brought me to tears; with a re-affirmation that this job actually can have a positive impact on other people, and the service provided is meaningful.  So, despite some self-doubt, I plan to carry on; happy to help other women try something new and fun in their fitness journey, and recognize the beauty of their own bodies, while expressing themselves creatively through music and movement, share support and camaraderie in a non-competitive environment, with a few girlish giggles along the way.  This is how the job started out, and this is what still really matters.  Counting my blessings, going forward! 



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