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So much to catch up on for my blog page!  The ‘Shimmy Into Summer’ event was a success; raising nearly $1,400 for Breast Cancer Action Ottawa.  I was really proud to perform with my students from the Amala, Nashita, and Jamaleen Troupes; they worked so hard to get ready for the show, and brought me to tears backstage.  Big thanks to Mia and Danya for organizing! 

The next event was the Ottawa Race Weekend.  Halyma and I organized a small but mighty crew, and set up a cheering station along the runner’s route (with generous assistance from my amazing husband).  We danced our hearts out, to encourage participants on their journey to raise money for various causes.   Thousands ran past us…quite a sight!  Many offered a smile, or briefly shook their booties, in recognition of our effort. 

Next came Emilie’s Run, at the Aviation Museum.  A beautiful morning to set up and dance along the Parkway, and cheer on Olympic level female runners during their 5K race.  We also got to dance for the Kids Race, and the little ones gave it a good effort. 

Today, I stepped way out of my comfort zone, and danced in a set with two professional performer/teachers at the Byward Market Dance-At-Lunchtime series.  It’s one thing to free-dance in a group; it’s quite another thing to dance a solo choreography in front of a large crowd.  I was extremely nervous, but got through it somehow.  Watching Eurika and Niki, I admire their abilities, and learned a lot about the art of public performance; especially getting audience members to come forward and participate.  We even got to meet a couple of lovely girls visiting from Brazil.  Even though I don’t have these particular skills, charisma, and nerve, that’s okay; it’s good to do things that scare you once in a while, to challenge yourself, and perhaps re-focus on what you ARE good at.  So now, some time off to rest, relax, and re-group.  It’s been a wonderful dance season, and I feel blessed to have such great students, friends, and mentors.   Have a super summer, everyone!

BywardMarketDanceJuly20th2016 014

Dancing in the Byward Market with the ladies from Brazil, July 2016


So happy to be part of this fundraising initiative!

BywardMarketDanceJuly20th2016 009

Dancing in the Byward Market, July 2016 with Eurika and Niki

Michel Marthon 2016 036

Ottawa Race Weekend 2016


Shimmy Into Summer Dance Showcase 2016

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